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False Ceiling

A dropped ceiling is often a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling. It may also be referred to as a drop ceiling, T-bar ceiling, false ceiling, or suspended ceiling, and is a staple of modern construction and architecture. The area above the dropped ceiling is called the plenum space, as it is sometimes used for HVAC air return. The plenum space is also very commonly used to conceal piping, wiring, and/or duct work.

Advantage of ceilings

A ceiling helps cool the room. When the height of the room is too much, providing a ceiling helps to reduce the height. "Reducing the height also helps in reducing the capacity of the air-conditioner ,covering the upper area also has the multiple advantages such concealing the wiring, lighting fixtures, air-conditioning ducts, security cameras, and other fixtures. The ceiling also acts as an attractive base for all kinds of decorative electric lights and fans. These apart, a ceiling helps eliminate echo in the room. In bathroom, ceilings can be provided to hide the pipes or any other fittings above.


Types of false ceilings (based on material)

1) Thermocol ceilings

2) Gypsum ceilings

3) Armstrong ceiling

4) PVC ceiling

5) wooden ceilings etc

In the olden days, wooden ceilings were vastly used and the preferred choice. Today, you can choose from a wide range of ceiling materials including asbestos sheets, bamboo sheets, jute, coir-ply, Plaster-of-Paris, plastics, particle boards, decorative aluminum panels, aluminum and plastic composite materials. Both Aluminum T-sections and galvanized iron are usually used for the structure.

There are basically two types of ceilings - Grid and Plain. Grid ceilings are those in which channels to which the ceiling materials are fixed can be seen. These are available in the size of 2 x 2 and 2 x 4. In the plain ceilings, the grid work remains hidden.